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WaldemarArt Design Studio

WaldemarArt Design Studio is a Germany-based award-winning design studio. Our studio specializes in providing professional high-quality design services, packaging 3D visualization, product 3D visualisation and 3D modeling, graphic design and multimedia creation at an affordable price.

The studio draws on the strength of its professional creative team and collaborations with some of the world’s leading creatives (such as Patrick Seymour) in most of all design directions . It aims to enhance a design experience through intuitive, holistic design principles and bespoke finishes that express individuality. We are using many modern technologies in production of the packaging design, such as Houdini, Cinema 4D, Maya, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Rhinoceroes and more!

Understanding our partners, their products (such as packaging products), their unique needs, and most importantly, their consumers’ subconscious desires, allows us to identify and create truly compelling solutions that are engineered to penetrate and enrich consumers’ lives.

We take up arms with businesses of all sizes, in every category, each and every day, from start-ups to global heavyweights. More than a team, we are a group of highly-trained specialists united by the common compulsion to create triumphant brands. Our success, like yours, is measured by consumer attachment, market share gains, and bottom line results.

With over 10 years of experience, we craft solutions that are tailored to your individual business objectives. We’re passionate about graphic, 3D, and product designs that touch the hearts of your audience. We love to form long-lasting relationships and trusted partnerships, see positive results, and be an integral part of your success!

WaldemarArt Design Studio

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients by increasing their sales, reducing their costs, and improving their productivity. We know that great packaging and graphic design, professional product 3D visualization is a highly effective way to build a brand. Beyond increasing brand revenues, effective design can also reduce costs and improve productivity. With WaldemarArt Design Studio, innovating and elevating your brand and product through 3D visualization has never been more efficient or affordable.

Our mission is not also just to make the client satisfied, but to see your customers engage with the product and engage with the brand. At the start of each project, we take a look at the big picture and get to know our clients from all aspects in order to design the concept which becomes a part of a client's wider strategy.

Our Mission


Principle characteristics of WaldemarArt Design Studio’s approach are:

Brief – a crucial early step to planning is to thoroughly familiarise ourselves with the client brief. Alternatively – in collaboration with the client – allow the brief to evolve.

Design – each phase of the design process is rigorously researched and documented. Clients are kept up-to-date and informed at every stage.

Budget – a sound understanding of the importance of budget constraints and implementing strategies to achieve a successful aesthetic result inline with the budget demands of each project.

Authenticity – an unique design response is tailored to meet the needs of each client whether it’s – lifestyle, retail, graphic, packaging and/or branding.

Collaboration – WaldemarArt Design Studio has a strong history of collaboration, successfully working with writers, 3D designers, illustrators, engineers and graphic designers, ensuring a seamless construction/branding phase and cohesive outcome for each project.

Experience – our experienced team takes pride in seeing each project through to its completion, ensuring graphic design integrity is preserved from the beginning to the end.

Environment – we place a strong emphasis on ecologically and socially aware design.



Are you looking for an already created 3D packaging models, where you don't need to worry about complicated studio and light settings?

We provide you with an opportunity to do away with time consuming technical studio settings.

Have you ever wanted to make or buy professional packaging mockups or packaging 3D models for arch visualization with only one click?

Or are you a professional graphic designer who doesn't know 3D very well and need ready to use 3D scenes with packaging models?

Or are you a 3D arch visualizer who need in professional 3D models for your scenes and interiours?

WaldemarArt will take care of solving all of your design dilemmas. Take a look at our STORE with fully textured scenes with professional packaging models that includes shaders and lighting, Photoshop mockups and 3D models that are ready to use. All 3D files compatible with Cinema 4D, 3D Max, Blender, Rhinoceros, Maya, Softimage and are ready to use.

Get your own professional 3d models and packaging 3d models for personal or commercial use!

Didn't find what you were looking for? Don't despair, we can make your ideas in packaging design with careful planning, thoughtful and careful design, and genuine motivation to help you towards your own success! Contact us now and tell us about your new project!



We proud to be the best partner with these companies:

Arla Foods BBDO McCann Naturli FoodsJosera PetFoodSIG Packaging DIgital Group F&B FactoryHajokIDEOMakeBardoSurlybrewingTryUnknown