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Be assured that we will be working hard to solve your business challenges through traditional and digital solutions.

We offer you a "Total Solutions" framework across a broad range of professional services. A focused team collaborating under one roof gives you peace of mind that your project is handled with synergy, consistency, and a single point of contact for all components of your project.

> Product 3D Visualization

Do you already have your amazing project ready but can't visualize it in 3D and don't know how it will look in real-life yet? We can help you! WaldemarArt Design Studio provides the highest quality of services and products in 3D visualization. We count on more than 10 years of experience in a packaging, engineering and graphics-driven background.

Our work and dedication are focused on producing highly realistic 3D images with appealing and unique visuals, with total professionalism that is recognized by our customers and the entire CG community. Even individuals who are interested in a collaboration don't have to worry; we have over 10 years of experience in packaging and product visualizations and work together with clients worldwide. We have worked on many projects globally, giving us a full understanding of the relationship between technical requirements and packaging, art, design, and 3D production in the creation of product visualization designs. The warranty of our guaranteed amazing results and precise representations of our clients vision is key to our corporate mandate.

  • Professional 3D Visualization of any projects (packaging design, industrial design, interior design etc)
  • 3D modeling
  • UVW mapping
  • Retopology
  • Making professional textures and PBR materials
  • HDRI and 3D Studio Light Setup
  • Rendering
  • Post production and color correction for the best results
  • Animation
  • Special simulation with Houdini

For more Product 3D Visualization examples, please, visit our Portfolio

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> Product 3D Modeling

We can make any of your ideas in 3D format. We use the newest and most modern technologies to achieve any 3D goals such as: Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, ZBrush, Rhinoceros, Octane Render and even much more!

We provide professional level of 3D models with high polygon levels that includes all details so the finally model looks like in a real-life. Moreover, we work with any media (drawings, sketches and blueprints included).

  • Professional Product 3D modeling of any objects using technical drawings/blueprints
  • UVW mapping
  • UV-unwrapping
  • Retopology
  • Simulation and scripting in Houdini
  • Cleaning and finishing of 3D scanned models
  • Sculpting in Zbrush

For more 3D Model examples, please, visit our Portfolio or Store

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> Packaging Design

We are a full service design agency solving business challenges through traditional and digital solutions. We offer you a Total Solutions framework across a broad range of professional packaging design services. One focused team collaborating under one roof on your design project gives you a synergy and consistency with a single point of contact for your all components of your project.

  • Brand Identity design
  • Brand Development
  • Packaging Design
  • 3D modeling of a packaging (such as bottles, boxes, different accessories)
  • 3D visualization of a packaging design
  • Alcohol packaging design (wine, spirits, vodka, beer etc)
  • Non-alcohol beverages design
  • Food packaging design
  • Cosmetics and perfum packaging designs

For more Packaging Design examples, please, visit our Packaging Design Portfolio

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> Digital Graphic Design

Are you maximizing your graphic design potential? User Experience drives our design decisions and we will create customized, exciting and effective visual communication solutions for your company.

We provide comprehensive professional design services, handling all aspects of a project from concept development to the finished product. A wealth of knowledge in the graphic design field, including identity and logo development, branding, collateral materials, page layout, and web design gives way to exceptional collaborations. With extensive experience in both design and marketing, we are able to successfully help businesses, small or large. We effectively reach client's target audience with professionally designed marketing materials. We’ll help you deliver your message by providing practical and compelling art applications for your target audience. Using your vision and our keen attention to detail, we’ll create a clear, defined, and unified message. As your business partner, you can count on us to present our creative professional graphic design services, on time and on budget.

  • Identity Design (Logo Design)
  • Corporate Identity
  • Publication Design (Magazine, Book, Annual Report)
  • Advertising Design
  • Brand Book / Look Book
  • Photo Retouching

For more Digital Graphic Design examples, please, visit our Design Portfolio

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