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> PayPal Error

Sometimes Paypal may return an error (for some countries). To avoid this, check your billing address for mistakes (wrong city or ZIP code, additional spaces, dots or commas, etc.). You can always check your address with Google Maps.

For example:

5047 S. Malaya Ct., CO 80015 Aurora, United States

It means:

  • Street: 5047 S. Malaya Ct.
  • ZIP Code: 80015 (not CO 80015)
  • City: Aurora (another city may return an error)
  • Country: United States

Then choose one of the options (PayPal or Credit Card) and press "Proceed to Payment. You will be redirected to the PayPal page.

After that, finish the payment, and then you will be returned to the WA Store.

If this did not help, please CONTACT US!

> May I sell renderings/Mockups I've made using WA Store 3D models?

All our 3D models may NOT be used for mockup or rendering production for sale on any online store on the Internet.

You may use our 3D models only for your private or commercial projects in a Product visualization manner and according to the License.

> I can't open .7z file. What shall I do?

Since our stuff is huge, we use a 7-Zip archiver to pack it. The easiest way to open a 7-ZIP (.7z) file is to double-click on it and let your PC decide which default application should open the file. If no program opens the 7-ZIP file, then you probably don't have an application installed that can view and/or edit 7-ZIP files. 7-ZIP files can be opened with any popular compression or decompression program, the free 7-Zip (for PC) or Keka (for MAC) tools being one example.

> What is DISCOUNT BAR and how it works?

To encourage customers to save their money, we made a DISCOUNT BAR. This is a bar in the right-top corner that shows the amount of your purchases and the current discount.


It works very simply: the more items you add to the cart, the more discount you get. The maximum discount is 15%.

Here is our table of discounts:

  • from 400 EUR ->5% OFF
  • from 800 EUR ->10% OFF
  • from 1200 EUR and more -> 15% OFF

> May I use imagery of Stock Media Products in my project?

You may use independently rendered imagery of Stock Media Products in almost all forms of media, including (among other uses) film, television, online projects (e.g., social media, video, website layouts, illustration for an article or concept), printed publications, public display (e.g., billboard advertising), and mobile apps. There is an exhaustive list in the Royalty Free License, and if you have a new use that is not listed there, please contact Support and ask whether the new use is allowed.

> May I include the actual Stock Media Product of a 3D Model in software or a game?

Stock Media Products of 3D Models published under the Royalty Free License may be used in software and games if the software or game satisfies these additional conditions:

  1. The 3D model is reasonably required to produce an interactive experience for the user.
  2. The 3D model is contained in proprietary format that cannot be opened in a publicly available software application and from which the WaldemarArt STORE Stock Media Product cannot be extracted or decompiled without reverse engineering.
  3. The software or game has no functionality for end users to import any open 3D file format or export any 3D model.

> May I use WaldemarArt STORE products in virtual worlds?

Generally, no. While we greatly respect Second Life and related communities, WaldemarArt Store’s artist does not believe the IP protections for their work are sufficient in these worlds.

The specific exclusion in the Royalty Free License is based on the virtual world being open for importing/exporting and the potential for use as a conduit for piracy for WaldemarArt Store models. If a virtual world is more like World of Warcraft or a closed MMO, then that should be allowed. Please check the Royalty Free License for the specific language.

> May I print a 3D Model to create a physical object for personal use?

You may make up to five physical units of a WaldemarArt Store 3D model (by 3D printing or other means) for personal use, gifts, or donations.

> May I print WaldemarArt STORE 3D models to sell commercially?

You cannot use physical objects of Stock Media Products commercially or make more than five (5) units of 3D printed Creations, UNLESS you transform the Stock Media Product or include it as a small part of a much larger array of other physical objects in the distributed 3D printed Creation. Transforming means using only a small part of the structure of the Stock Media Product in a much broader Creation, or substantially modifying the WaldemarArt Store 3D model so that it becomes a distinct Creation.

For example, it is permitted to add a 3D printed skull that exactly resembles the Stock Media Product, to a broader sculpture of a skeleton (and to sell the skeleton), but it is not permitted to sell the 3D printed skull by itself.

> May I use Stock Media Products in an educational setting or for 3D courses?

You may use Stock Media Products in an instructional video or walkthrough tutorial for your students, but you may not distribute any altered or unaltered part of a Stock Media Product to students that have not purchased (or, in the case of free Stock Media Products, downloaded) the Stock Media Product. Alternatively, you may instruct students to sign up on WaldemarArt Store to download free items for coursework.

> Am I allowed to share Stock Media Products with other employees at my company to work on our own Creations?

Yes, if you purchase on behalf of your employer then one Purchased license covers the whole company. More specifically, you are allowed to share the files with other employees of the corporate entity, its parent company and majority owned affiliates. You can do this by sending them directly to another employee, by storing them in a networked file system or database, or in other similar and industry standard ways. The files must be reasonably secured from piracy -- for example, they cannot be made available in a way that unauthorized parties can access them on an unprotected webserver or file sharing service.

> If I work with an outside production company on my company’s Creations, am I allowed to share Stock Media Products with them?

Yes. You can share Stock Media Products with outside companies to work on your Creations. The outside company must reasonably secure the shared files and may not use them on their own Creations -- anybody who receives a Stock Media Product has to Purchase it themselves to use it on Creations that aren’t owned by you.

> If I am a freelancer, or outside production company, am I allowed to share Stock Media Products with my client?

Yes. But each entity that is making a Creation from a Stock Media Product must Purchase its own license. Here are the basic rules:

  1. You are making the Creations and don’t share Stock Media Products -- you may reuse them as much as you like, as long as you are only sharing Creations. For example, if you have two clients that want an animated TV commercial and you use the same 3D models of plants, that’s fine if you are just giving your clients the rendered images. You can Purchase your own library of 3D models to re-use in cases like this.
  2. You buy a Stock Media Product and your client asks for the actual files -- this is allowed, and it is an easy case. You and your client can re-use the Stock Media Product as long as you are working on your client’s Creations. Things get more complicated when you want to use the Stock Media Projects with multiple clients…
  3. You buy a Stock Media Product and need to share it with more than one client -- this is allowed, but each client that is making a Creation must purchase a license (or you must Purchase it for them).
  4. You work with clients, but also make your own Creations -- in this case, it is like you are an additional client for your own Creations. That means you need a separate license for each client that receives the Stock Media Product, and for yourself as well. For example, if you are hired by a game company to help make their game, and buy a 3D model from WaldemarArt STORE, and you give the 3D model to your client, it is now your client’s to use in their games, sequels, and so on -- whether they continue to work with you or not. If you want to make your own game, you may not use 3D models you Purchased for that client unless you Purchase them yourself.

> Do I have the right to modify Stock Media Products?

Yes. You may modify them to make your Creations. Please keep in mind that no matter how much you modify a Stock Media Product, it still may only be distributed as a Creation and is subject to the rules of the Royalty Free License and Developers License.

> Can I get a refund for Stock Media Products I purchased?

Yes. We want all Customers to feel safe when they purchase from WaldemarArt STORE, and at your request within 1 day of purchasing, WaldemarArt STORE will refund any purchase of a technically deficient or misadvertised product. To complete the refund, and for the comfort of the artist who created the product, you are asked to complete an online form agreeing to destroy the Stock Media Product files and acknowledge that you no longer have rights in the Stock Media Product you purchased. Please read more about Refund Policy here.

> Copyright FAQ

I downloaded a free model from the internet. Can I sell it or distribute it for free?

No. Even if a model is available free of cost, it is still protected by copyright. You can’t sell it or give it away without permission from the rights holder.

I downloaded a model that was published anonymously on a website. Does copyright law apply if the model’s creator is unknown?

Yes. The model is protected by copyright law, even if you don’t know who created it.

There was no copyright notice on the model or on the website where I found it. Does that mean no one owns the rights to it and that I can copy or distribute it?

No. Copyright applies automatically from the moment the work is created and exists in some form, such as in a digital file. Copyrights can be registered, but works are protected even if they are not registered. Marking (or not marking) something with a copyright notice does not change its level of protection at all.

I bought a 3D model (or got it from a friend or downloaded it free from a website), and I made a lot of changes and improvements to it. It looks really different now. Can I sell it or distribute it for free?

No. That’s called a “derivative work.” That means you took something that was protected by copyright and derived a new work from it (adapted it to make something new). But the copyrights still apply to the original work, even if your changes make the model unrecognizable.

What if I credit the creator of the original model? Do I still need permission to distribute my model?

Giving credit is a nice gesture, but it doesn’t affect copyright at all. To sell or give away your version of the model without permission from the rights holder of the original model is copyright infringement.

I got a model for free, and there was nothing that said it’s copyrighted. I changed it and improved it, so you can hardly tell it’s the same model. Can I sell my version of it?

No. No. No.

I heard that copyright doesn’t apply to anything that is on the internet. If it’s on the web, it’s in the public domain, right?

No. Copyright is not affected by whether the work is available on the internet.

Can I make models out of files that are distributed with 3D modeling programs like 3DS Max?

No. Those stock software models are also covered by copyright. They are licensed for personal use with the software, but not licensed for commercial use/re-sale.

It’s illegal to sell a copyrighted work without permission. Do I need permission to give it away for free? I am not making any money from it.

Yes, you need permission from the rights holder to distribute any copyrighted work, even if you are not charging for it. It’s against the law to give away protected work without permission.

If I use just a small part of someone else’s model to make my own, can I sell it or distribute it without permission from the person who has the rights to the original model?

No. It doesn’t matter how much or how little of someone else’s work you use – it’s still copyright infringement if you do it without permission. Many people are confused about this point because under the concept of Fair Use, which allows the unauthorized use of certain copyrighted materials in certain ways, small parts of a copyrighted work can sometimes be used without permission. But the amount of material being used is only one of four factors that matter under the Fair Use doctrine. If your use doesn’t meet the other three requirements for Fair Use, then using just 1% of someone else’s model to make your own may be infringement.

> Your site doesn't work correctly on my PC

Sometimes our customers have issues with the Store not appearing correctly in their browser. We recommend you don't use any plugins or ad blockers because they are the reason the code was lost and, finally, the Store works badly.

> I did same purchases from different accounts. May I get refund?

Generally not.
To get a refund you should make all purchases only from the same account. For example, you bought some 3D model from the same account twice. In that case, we may do the refund but only in the day of purchase. So, please contact us immediately after the wrong similarly purchase.